About Us


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Hi! I’m Crystal-Rose Britto, Founder & Owner of Concierge of the Valley. As a longtime resident of Napa, I have worked in various aspects of the hospitality industry here in the Valley. With experience as a restaurant manager, customer service manager and logistics manager, as well as dabbling in police dispatching and student nursing, my wide range of work experience lends itself to connections in many fields and an ability to fulfill a myriad of client needs and desires.

I grew up in world-renowned tourist destinations like Hawaii and Napa Valley. My father was in the food and beverage industry, working in prestigious restaurants and country clubs where top-notch service and hospitality are a must, so, I guess you could say providing excellent service is in my genes!

After joining the ranks of those laid off during the “Great American Layoff” in 2009, I decided to focus my career full-time on hospitality — thus Concierge of the Valley was born. Being a single mom, I find that time is my biggest commodity; it’s something I always wish I had more of. Perhaps you, too, wish you had more free time to spend with loved ones and doing things you enjoy? This is where Concierge of the Valley comes in! Helping people make their lives easier and less stressful is what we’re all about. Nothing fills me with more pride than seeing happy clients. So if you need anything, call Concierge of the Valley… Let us handle everything so you can have time to enjoy yourself!

I am passionate about providing excellent service to the Napa and Sonoma Valley communities. Some of my other passions include: Good food, spending time with son and extended family and friends, traveling, and doting on my dog, Ipo.

(707) 738 5205